Wednesday, August 3, 2011

flip-flop fanatic: diy decorative flip-flops

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i'm going to share my new obsession with you...

deCoRAtiNG fLiP-fLopS!!!

pair #1 ziPPy zeBRa
this pair was for my teenager, pip.  these were fairly straight-forward.  i cut off the regular plastic straps.  then i replaced them with strips of fabric i cut from a handkerchief.  ((in hindsight, i would use a pair of pinking sheers next time to eliminate the fraying)) 

then i inserted the two strips into the toe hole.  i knotted them twice and cut off the excess.  on the top side, i placed my foot on the shoe and knotted twice above where my toes were.  then i slipped the two side straps through the holes.  again i knotted them with my foot on it to make sure it was the right size.  and here's the result:

pair #2 sWiRLy riBBoN stRaPS
the second i saw this ribbon, i thought of pip.  it's fun, fresh, and sooo summery!  each shoe used a little under 6 feet of ribbon.  to get them started, i stuck the end of the ribbon in one of the holes for the side straps. 

then i wound it around the little bottom stopper several times and glued.  make sure you shove the stopper back in pretty well.  then i just started wrapping and wrapping and wrapping.  once on the other side, i repeated the wrapping around the bottom of the side strap.  and this is them...

pair #3 suPeR stRiPS
i had a pair of these when i was in junior high. i made them out of those nylon circles like this that you weave to make pot holders:

image from
*link no longer valid*

this time, i used strips of handkerchiefs.  i cut strips that were six inches in length.  ((again, the next time i make these i'll use pinking sheers to cut with)).  once the strips were all cut, a-tieing i went.   

pair #4 fuN fLoWeRS
i love these!  i was in the rhinestone/button/brads section of hobby lobby when i saw the brads.  **tiNK** went the lightbulb over my head. and knew i had to make them for myself.  again, pretty easy and pretty self-explanatory.  i pushed the brads in one by one, using a little bit of super-glue to make sure they stay in there.  to get the spacing equal on the two different shoes, i rubberbanded them together sole-to-sole.  and there you go...

pair #5 woNDerFuL waTErmELonS
these are my absolute favorite pair.  ever.  i wrapped the straps with green gingham ribbon just like i did the blue ones.  then i glued the round brads in just like i did the flower ones.  ((i think that this style would be cute as ladybugs too using red flip-flops and red and black gingham))

so there you have it doLLs!
some fun ideas to make your fLiP-fLopS fabulous!

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