Thursday, August 11, 2011

follow the leader curriculum

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the pressure is on!  we're counting down the days until Piper goes to high school.  i'm trying to get some home-preschooling projects tied up so that they're ready when i need them.  during the summer, i really started to present my son with more learning activities.  i've decided to create my vision statement for myself so that i can make sure i am doing him and his home-education justice.

i want our learning experiences to be:
  • more cHiLD-diReCTeD than mommy-directed
  • based what he's currently intrigued with
  • more based on an eXpLorATorY, constructivist method
  • play-learning where he can buiLD his own kNowLeDGe thru activities, trial-and-error, and experiences 

it's based on my favorite teaching method, reGGio eMiLia.  this method actually views parents as their child's 1st teacher (works great for me!). some of the core concepts are:
  • children learn through their senses
  • children have some control over the subject of learning experiences
  • children have optimal opportunites and for self-expression
  • the environment the child is in serves as a teacher

what this means to me is that i need to be involved in acTiVitiES wiTH hiM, not just on the sidelines giving directions.  ((not a problem here!))  it also means that i should take the opportunity to expand on his sentences to provide a bit more information, to pique his interest, and build his knowledge base.  this may mean pulling out a book that corresponds to what he's talking about or going to an educational webpage, or digging thru my brain for some activity to do.  i am going to focus on foLLoWiNG his LeAd instead of the other way around. through all of this, i hope to experience activities from his point of view, instead of just observing his reactions to it.

when looking around our home, it is clear that a young child lives and plays here.  the walls are covered in aRt projects, shelves shoved with tOYs, bOOkS strewn on the floor.  i am planning on revamping our cube shelf in the living room to breathe new life into his "learning centers."

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