Thursday, September 15, 2011

Easy Family Photo Card

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It's time for us to send out another card along with the kid's latest pics. I tend to dread whole family photos, because no matter how many shots we take, there's always one person that isn't happy with how they look. So this year, I'm going around that with this:

It's fairly straightforward... I'm horrible about in-the-process shots.  The tree collage was done by tracing our family's handprints on scrapbook paper and arranging them on a paper tree.  The fallen leaves were cut out of another piece of scrapbook paper.  Kind of embarrassing to admit, but this was arranged on the top of my file cabinet.  (it was the only big enough space that was the right color).  After it looked how I wanted it to, I stood above it and took a picture. Natural lighting is really best for most shots like this, because harsh shadows can be eliminated since you aren't using a flash.

Now, here's the fun part! 

I uploaded the photo I took to an online photo editing site..  {update: is now the go-to site}  It is free with tons of really neat and fun editing tools.  ((there are only a few tools that you have to pay for and if you aren't a "premium" member, they just aren't available to you (no hidden charges).  the premium membership is about $25 a year.  not only can you edit pictures, but you can make photo cards, collages, and much more.))

So.... after uploading pics, there is an editing bar across the top.  The basic edits are for cropping, coloring, exposure, etc.  I cropped the picture so that just my collage showed, then I used a vintage effect from the "effects" section.  If you're new to this site, the best thing to do is just play around with your picture.  You can undo and redo edits if you mess up. 

Once my picture was how I wanted it, I made it into a collage using one of the collage templates.  I added my text (they have tons of fonts and colors!) and some fall stickers from the "seasonal tab."  Then it was ready to go!  The whole thing probably took me about an hour.  Fun, mommy craft time! And now that I'm done with them, I'll upload them to Wal-mart and have them printed out. 

It's as simple as that!
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