Monday, August 29, 2011

in {her} shoes...carly

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it's moMMa moNDaY again! i love these days because i find it so amazing to hear about all the different walks of life we come from. if you're interested in participating in this series, please leave a comment below or email me.

i'm so excited about this week's in {her} shoes guest post
from Carly over at Mason's Roost...
she is another woman that i find beyond inspiring.


I’m Carly from Mason’s Roost. I live in Hawaii (where I was born and raised) with my husband and our son Mason. There’s two parts of Mason’s Roost. There’s the crafty part and then there’s the mom part, which is why I’m posting here today. Mason’s Roost has been an outlet for me to put down in words, the best way I can, of my journey as a heart mom.
Mason, who is now 1 year old, was born with a heart defect. He had the first surgery at 16 days old and the second at 8 months. This first year of life has been horrible and fantastic at the same time. Having a heart baby has taught me humility, thankfulness, and reliance on God.

You may be wondering where humility comes in and let me explain. Mason is not mine. He is the Lord's. He is the good and perfect gift, the blessing beyond all comprehension, he is the Lord's. He doesn't belong to me. God gives, God takes away. I came to realize this soon after we found out Mason had a heart defect. I begged God "Please don't take him. I want him. Please don’t take him!" God gives, God takes away. There is nothing more humbling than realizing and accepting that nothing is within your control, you have no power, you have no strength. You must rely on someone else to get you through, to hold you up, to heal, to comfort, to decide the direction of your life. This has been the most challenging aspect of my life as a mom because there’s not just that, there’s the other side of knowing Mason is the Lord’s and treating him as the gift and blessing that he is.

Being a mom is stressful. Lets be honest, babies and kids can be annoying sometimes, even sweet heart babies! Its easy to show frustration and in the moment forget that children are gifts. It’s a challenge to remind myself daily, and on rough days, multiple times a day, that I am accountable for how I treat Mason, how I treat this gift God has given me.

Watching Mason reach milestones has been the most rewarding thing to me. There was a possibility that he wouldn’t survive. There still is a possibility that something sudden could happen with his heart. Knowing that, everything is a celebration! Reaching his first birthday was overwhelming. He’s so healthy, so happy, so busy. Being able to watch him explore the world, after struggling to survive, has been the greatest reward.

We have been shown such love and encouragement from our family, friends, community, and church and my hope is that we raise Mason to show that same love to those around him. Dinners were delivered, hotel rooms were paid for, cards poured in, books were made, Sunday school kids drew pictures, people came to pray over him… love was poured out for Mason and I hope to instill or force (kidding) a heart for other people.

I would ask Mason to describe me in three words but I’m afraid I’d have no idea what he was saying. I just asked my husband and he laughed in hysterics. Thanks. After a while he came up with: nurturing, loving, and demanding. Ha. I guess that’s a nice way of saying bossy? I’m not going to deny that because it’s true!

{we don’t wear much else than “slippers” in Hawaii}

Thank you Andie for letting me share!
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