Monday, August 22, 2011

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happy moMMa moNDaY to you all!  sorry i've been so quiet the past few days.  we've been on vacation, having some much-needed family time!! 

this week's guest poster for the in {her} shoes series is 
her blog is a must-fave for beginner bloggers!

Hello there, Crayon Freckles' awesome readers! I'm so honored to guest post here and share how it is to be in my shoes.


I'm showing you two pairs of my shoes and here's the reason why. They symbolize the yin and yang of my life as a mother and a wife to my family. The first pair is my work horse shoes. I use them when working out in the gym, when doing my DIY projects, when going out with my kids for outdoor activities, when grocery shopping, or any activity that I can just be me. It's so symbolical of how motherhood is like in my family - a never-ending yet noble job. Then there's the other pair which I wear on special occasions when I want to show my best foot forward. This represents the yang of my other self wherein I just want things pretty, or smooth-sailing, or the easy yet beautiful road. How I wish it's like that all the time, but no, my friends, my life is as colorful as yours, too.

I love my roles as a wife and mother at the same time, not because it's all sunshine, lollipops, and roses, but because I have people to share with the ups and downs of this journey called life.

I grew up in the Philippines, worked as a computer programmer, met my future husband when he went there on a vacation, married in 1999, got here in California in 2000, then became a mother in 2001. I think what made motherhood and wifehood a challenge for me during the first stages is because the Asian culture is so totally different from the Western culture. To mention a few, when I was struggling to learn my new role as a mom, and I know it's something that we'll never show off in blogland, I had difficulty with diaper changes, the hormonal changes, the sleepless nights when the Princess One was sick. From where I came from, there were so many relatives and friends that were always willing to help out without compensation at all but here, I was on my own trying to figure out what worked best for us. I looked at the day care options at that time so I can still work full time but after discouraging results, I decided to stay at home for almost two years with my eldest. I vowed then that unless my mother arrives here in the U.S., we won't have another baby. Through the kindness of God, my mother chose to live with us and that's when Princess Two finally came in our lives. And my life had been easier and more relaxed. THANK YOU, MOM!
The most rewarding part of motherhood is when the babies started responding with love through hugs and kisses. Another blessing of motherhood for me is to see that look of amazement and wonder in their eyes when they discover something new! Such pure innocence shared and it feels so magical for me. Then they grow, and right now, the most tangible benefit of motherhood is that my eldest can help me with chores at home, achieve and excel at school, and think for herself.

I strongly believe that parents have the responsibility to instill important values to their children. Coming from an Asian culture, my husband and I are in the process of cultivating in their minds the importance of respecting people who are older than them, to have love for work, to live with passion and excellence, and most importantly, to love God first above all.

I asked Princess One to describe me in three words and she named me as a good cook - LOL! (I'm so glad she's still in that age where she thinks I'm the best and greatest mommy of all. I hope this idea lingers for a few more years before she realizes that I'm no Rachael Ray.) She can't think of anything more but I'm hoping that later on, she and Princess Two will describe me as a fun-loving, supportive, and caring mother they can ever have.

Motherhood helped me become a better person far more effective than all self-help books combined and let me share you what I've learned.

1. Take care of yourself first by eating right, sleeping whenever you can, exercising, and not being afraid to ask for help. In that way, you'll be able to give more and love more.

2. With kids, quality time means quantity time.

3. Be supportive in their worthwhile pursuits and ecstatic with their achievements. These effectively build their self-esteem.

4. Last, but not the least, your husband, though technically your partner, is still a kid at heart, so make time for him, too.
So there you have it, my friends, some insights on how it is to be in my shoes :) When you get the chance, come join my Creative Bloggers' Party and Hop and share your creativity with us every Sunday.

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