Thursday, August 4, 2011

on a roll

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we've had these paint rollers for awhile now.  i bought them at oriental trading company online for under $10.  i've offered them to little man a few times and he's consistently turned them down.  uNTiL tOdAY.

he opened up the craft cabinet, grabbed the rollers and said he wanted to paint with them.  so, i got out our paint tray (old baking sheet) and the paint tub.  the rest was aLL hiM.  he got paper out of the filing cabinet, dumped the paint on the tray and went to town.  it makes me happy that he feels so comfortable with art materials that he can do this on his own.  not that i don't like doing things for/with him.  but i do think it's important for kiddos to be free to do their own thing when it comes to art a lot of the time. 

i wish that we were able to keep our aRt suPPLieS out like i've seen in soooo many cute blogs.  but with 2 cats running around (1 of them being very michievious) it's not a possibility. 
for now, it's enough for me to know that he knows where they are. 
and when he wants them he'll get them out.

"Too often we give children answers to remember
rather than problems to solve."
~~Roger Lewin

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