Saturday, September 24, 2011


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i've recently been working on making sure that Bear can identify all of his LeTTeRs and their sounds.  what better way to do this than to make wall art piece for each letter?  i originally got this idea from a fellow preschool teacher at the center i worked at before Bear was born.  she made them with cheerios for C, paper umbrellas for U, yarn for Y. 

i love this idea, but i wanted something i could LaMiNaTE
so that when we're done.
that way, i can put them in a book for Bear.

the theme for the art is somewhat directed as i give him options that start with each letter.  for example the letter C: cross, cat prints, car tiretracks, etc. 

here are the letters we've done so far:
A is for Apple

B is for Band-aid

notice the small motor skill incorporation

C is for Cross

D is for Dora

E is for Egg

we make our own egg stamper using a wood spool and foam egg stickers

E took an unexpected change of plans, but no biggs.
we noted that his fingerprints looked like eggs.

F is for Firetruck

the favorite item

G is for G____ (Bear's real name)

how do you practice letter/word recognition
with your kidlets?

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