Friday, September 9, 2011

eyes on the size math game

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kEEp yoUR eYeS oN tHe siZE...

Bear has a thing for googly eyes...
i'm not sure where it came from.
maybe he'll be an opthamologist
              when he gets older, i don't know...
but for now i take his interests and
      expand them.

we did this activity shortly after
   we completed "the perfect nest" file folder game
                 ((see yesterday's post))
he wanted to play with googly eyes,
        so i set up another size sorting activity
        using small, medium, and large
                       tubs, labels, and googly eyes...
and let him go
        ((can you believe i didn't
                 get a single picture?))

What types of things do your kiddos like to sort?
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