Sunday, September 4, 2011

the hungry caterpillar display

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huNGrY caTeRpiLLaR
+              long-haired BeaR       
=          beST fRieNDs

the first request?
      make huNGrY caTeRpiLLaR a buDDy.

so we looked at the book.
           as we read, i commented on how the pictures looked.
           then over the next few days, this is what we created.

first we made a caterpillar eGG...

then we set out to make some eRic caRLe paPeR.

we used....



pAiNT daUBeRs (notice the do-a-dots in the apron pocket?)

putting the caTeRpiLLaR together...

and there's the cOcOOn that the caterpillar retreats into for his metamorphosis....

then on to when he becomes a bEaUtiFuL buTTerFLy!

painting two pieces so we can...

 smush them together!

he's cute, right? i think that Bear did a pretty good job!
tHe fiNaL pROduCT
just noticed the arrow going from the caterpillar to cocoon is keeps falling off.
 whoever is around sticks it back up. my guess is that this was Bear's doing :)
check this link to see what happened
when our REAL caterpillars arrived!

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