Wednesday, September 28, 2011

letting our butterflies go

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if you saw this post on growing our butterflies at our house.  it was so amazing to watch their transformation from caterpillars to crysalids to butterflies.  today it was finally warm enough to let them go.  the first one "crazy man" was off in a few seconds to one of our big trees.  three others sat on the rocks outside for 3 hours.  we ended up putting them back in the garden and taking them back inside so they didn't freeze or get eaten.

and then there's the story of ginky...our little bent-winged friend.  his wings didn't quite develop or unfold and dry properly. 
since he couldn't fly, he spent the outside time exploring me. 
this is a fun shot because you can see his probiscus unrolled as he is tasting my shirt.
see how crumpled his wings are?
another view of ginky's wings
needless to say we ended up taking 4 butterflies back into the house since they were unwilling (or in ginky's case, unable) to fly away.  we'll give them a good home.  but i'm not looking forward to having the conversation with Bear when they stop fluttering around the garden...
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