Wednesday, September 21, 2011

nuts and bolts

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the latest addition to our activities stash is this set of colored nUTs aND bOLtS by Edushape.  i bought them on for a little over $20. 
Bear got them on the 2nd day before his birthday...
(we start presents 3 days early... one per day leading up to the actual birthday. 
we've found that by spreading out the gifts, they are played with and
appreciated longer instead of tossed aside for the next gift))

they're actually quite fUN...

play with them lends itself to color and shape recognition,
classification based on shape and color, and small motor movement

these nUTs aNd bOLtS have quickly become one of our "hot" play items.  i like the fact that they sEcReTLy help him deVeLoP aNd LeARn, yet cater to his love of all things tool related.

what toy is "hot stuff" at your home/center/classroom
right now?
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