Wednesday, September 14, 2011

our preschool daily calendar

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towards the end of july/early august, Bear began asking wHeN things were going to happen.  i took this as a prompt to begin doing calendar with him during our preschool time every day.  i found this heavy paper calendar for $2.50 at target.  it's taped up on the side of our island...gotta maximize your space, right?

the calendar pieces are made out of laminated pieces of scrapbooking paper.  i stenciled the numbers on with a sharpie marker. 
if you can't tell, i'm going for fuNCtioN oVEr sTyLE with these things :)

each day, we spend time by the calendar cOUnTiNG, siNGinG, and taLKinG

Bear and i count to the day's empty space.  if it's the 10th, i will have the 10 piece and the 11 piece.  i ask him to pick the number 10. after he sticks the number on the appropriate day, we then count from 1 to the current day. 

we figure out what day of the week it is.  the song i've always used since my preschool teaching days. it goes to the tune of "oh my darling, clementine."
          sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday
          thursday, friday, saturday
          there are seven days, there are seven days
          there are seven days in a week

then we follow the days across starting at sunday, until we get to the current day.  then we sing that day's song.  it goes to the tune of "where is thumbkin?"
          today is thursday, today is thursday
          all day long, all day long
          thursday is a fun day, thursday is a fun day
          all day long, all day long

we decorate the piece based on what we do/did/are doing that day.  (many times we end up doing the day before's as well).  what's funny is that Bear can generally remember what each sticker means, while i struggle to translate the sticker into the activity it represents.  but he gets it, so that's all that matters. 
for example: on the 23rd, he went to PetSmart with his gramma.

because there were blank spaces at the bottom of august's calendar, i was able to stick a post-it note on the square where Bear's birthday would land.  that way we were able to countdown to his birthday over a week in advance :)

how do you start off your day at preschool or homeschool?
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