Thursday, September 8, 2011

"the perfect nest" size file folder game

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suddenly The Perfect Nest has quickly become the libro de la semana...

bear "rEAds" the book, repeats the character's catch phrases, and plays pretend with jack the cat in his room.  so i figured i'd expand on that fact with a file folder game.

most things come in 3s in this book in sizes small, medium, large. 

the objective of the file folder game is to put items from the book
                          in order from small, medium, large. 

for the pieces i just used clip art images.  i printed them in grayscale so that i could color them to match the characters in the book. 

not so happy with the cover... had problems w/laminating sheets.

this game works on pRe-maTH sKiLLs such as size discrimination and classifying.
             it also practices sMaLL mOtOR sKiLLs.
                              and it was so fun, Bear wanted to do it 3 times in a row!

What are some activities that you do to extend play from favorite books?
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