Friday, September 23, 2011

you've got mail...preschool style

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Bear loves our mAiL caRRieR!  he races to the couch everyday when he hears her truck coming up the street.  she knows us by name, has a photo of him and picture that he painted her in her locker.  she's usually the highlight of our day.  Bear always wants to pLaY mAiL and slips pieces of paper into the drawers of the dresser we use for an entertainment center.  after i saw this mailbox my friend Kerry made for her little girl on her blog my life His Mission, i put it on my to-do list. 

kerry made these adorable feLT eNveLOpeS with interchangeable velcro stamps and address pieces. i'm not that crafty, so instead we just used regular envelopes and i laminated them.  but first, i addressed them to whomever he wanted and let him "write on them."  his choices for mail recipients were the members of our family, clifford, bob the builder, franklin, and other favorite characters.  then we used square stickers for stamps. 

we used a box from our food program to make the mAiL bOx.  i put painter's tape around the holes that i cut out on the front and back to protect his wrists and hands when he reaches in.

Bear stuck the stickers on

mailbox flag made out of foam and hard felt

 it flips!  ((i love brads!)) 

Bear cOuLDn'T wAiT to play with this.... as i took this picture, he was jumping up and down next to me and running around like a little wild man.  i mean... seriously unable to contain his eXCiteMeNT. 

and what mail carrier can work without a mAiL bAg??

i had a few of these small cANvaS BaGs laying around, so i ironed one up to make a bag to carry the envelopes in.  to get the USPS symbol, i went to the website and saved the image to my computer.  then i opened it up as large as i wanted it.  then i put a piece of notebook paper onto the screen of my laptop and traced the mail symbol.  ((pretty high-tech, right?)  then i cut the pieces apart and laid them out like a puzzle on the bag so i could trace them with a pencil.

with the white portion finished

i think that sometime soon, i'm going to paint over the USA and repaint "US Mail".  that's what i intended to do and then realized what i had actually done after i did it.  (does that even make sense?) 
this provided hours and days worth of play.  and it didn't take me long to make either.  when our mail carrier came the next day, Bear lugged these out to show her!
what hand/homemade toys do your kiddos love?
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