Saturday, October 29, 2011

5 little chicks play hide-and-seek

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a while back, we saw an episode of Team Oomi-Zoomi
((yes, i will totally admit to giving my kiddo tv time
in the morning after we wake up.
it gives me time to oPeN mY EyES for the day.
i usually sit by him though,
so he and i can make comments
to each other on the show.))

the story line was about how these 5 little chicks got lost and the team had to find them.  after we watched it, Bear started saving these invisible chicks.  i asked him if he wanted us to make some little feLT chicks for him to play with.  his answer? yes, of course.

i put glue on the backs and Bear stuck down the legs, eyes, and beaks.

after that, we took turns hiDiNG and fiNdiNG the chicks!
the added bonus is that we can use them on our flannel board, too!!

how eggs-citing is that?
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