Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Leaf Suncatchers

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Fall is my favorite season. There's something about the colors, the sounds, and the smells that are just so mesmerizing to me. So I look to celebrate those sensory experiences with my kiddos as much as I can. We took to our yard, cluttered with many shades of leaves to create our latest craft: fall leaf suncatchers.

Here's how to do it...

Materials you'll need:
leaves... real or fake
clear contact paper
construction paper to cut a frame (if desired)

One of  my favorite parts of this project was watching my son go through the leaves, one at a time, to find ones that were "just right" for his suncatcher. He gathered them up in a plastic tub. I didn't limit his time while selecting leaves. Once he was done, we headed inside where I had taped a 9"x12" piece of contact paper onto his work space. At first, he strategically placed leaves down, then resorted to just dumping them out and rearranging them as he saw fit.


Once he'd placed all of his leaves where he wanted, we worked together to fold the contact paper over to seal it shut. I cut a frame out of the construction paper of his choosing and he glued his suncatcher inside of it. After we taped it up on our back door, we were able to see all of the beautiful colors and textures that the sun revealed as it shone through.


The thing I love most about fall is that there are so many activities that can be done with what nature provides us. See more Fall crafts, art, and activities for kids here.

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