Wednesday, October 26, 2011

God's Light Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Suncatcher Craft

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There's a darling little book that we've read each year during the Halloween season. It's a reminder to my children and myself that we have the power to influence the word through our words and actions. To accompany this book, we did a simple suncatcher craft to illustrate the meaning of the book's message. See below for the book and the craft.
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Reading the book, My Happy Pumpkin: God's Love Shining Through Me, always makes me smile.  The title pretty much covers the topic of the book.  It's a great read for little ears during the Halloween season.  To make the God's light jack-o-lantern, I was able to use materials we had in our craft cabinet.
All you need is:
Orange paper
Clear contact paper
Yellow tissue paper.
After reading the book, I set out the contact paper, open, with the sticky side up with the yellow tissue paper squares in a dish next to it. From our previous suncatcher making experiences, my son didn't need any explanation of what to do and set about placing the tissue paper squares on the contact paper.

For the pumpkin shape, I cut the eyes, nose, and mouth holes out.  Older children could do this themselves. After he was done placing the yellow tissue squares on the contact paper, we covered it with another sheet of paper to seal it. He put gluestick on the back of the jack-o-lantern cutout, then stuck his contact paper onto it.  I trimmed around it so that no contact paper peeked out. Again, this is a task that older children could do themselves.
And the results are darling and very reminiscent of crafts I did as a child.
Let me shine with the light of yours
Let my eyes see the beauty all around
Never let me turn my nose up to others
And let my mouth share the good news I have heard

I hope that this book and project blesses your family as much as it does mine every year.

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