Monday, October 31, 2011

in {her} shoes...tara

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this week's in {her} shoes installment is Tara from Tales of a Trophy Wife.  she's yet another amazing woman that i've had the privilege of "meeting" here in the blogosphere.
i think that you're going to love her post as much as i do!  she has some great insights ((and awesome shoes!!). 

Thanks Andie for inviting me to stop by.  I think the "In her shoes" idea is super fun and I'm thrilled to participate.  I am Tara from Tales of a Trophy Wife and here are some of the shoes I wear:

These shoes, I never worn myself, but I am an Army brat and my husband is in the Air Force, and they've probably impacted my life more than any other.  I've moved around a lot and don't have a hometown, but I'm always looking for a new adventures and am a huge fan of the road trip.

Here are the shoes that you will find on my feet most days. I've had them for a few years and I worry they may be even less fashion forward then when I bought them.  They are practical, comfortable, and better in summer than winter-just like me.

Here are the most impractical pair of shoes I own. I only wear them 1-2 days a year and even then for short periods of time. I choose comfort over fashion most days, but they are waiting for me in my closet in case I ever want to look a little more like a "trophy wife". I have a teenage daughter (who dresses way better than I do) and we go by the slogan, "Modest is Hottest" at our house. 

These are my favorite church shoes. My faith is central to our family and how I parent (I am Mormon and for the record absolutely consider myself a Christian).  I do try to teach my children to keep Jesus Christ as the center of their lives. There isn't a better example for them to follow.

These are my "reading" shoes. I am embarrassingly bad at anything requiring co-ordination and I hate to exercise.  Luckily this has skipped a generation and all 3 of my kids are decent athletes.  Most days, you can find me cheering them on the field, the court, or the pool.  I spend at least 10 hours a week at their practices, which gives me tons of guilt-free reading time. I even blog about the good ones. 

Since mostly I just blog about crafts. I've been trying to reflect for the past few days about what my parenting style is.  As a young mother, I read some of the "Parenting with Love and Logic" books and they really rang true for me.  I believe that you should teach your child correct principals and then let them deal with the natural consequences of their actions.  Sometimes this can be hard, because I would like to prevent my kids from feeling even teeny bits of pain and suffering.  I'm hoping that small suffering now will prevent huge suffering later. I also believe in giving them lots of choices, so they can learn early how to make correct ones.  I have learned to control the options.  For example, I don't ask, "what do you want to wear to school?"-or they would wear PJ's or sweats.  Instead I ask, "would you like to wear the red or blue shirt?"    My kids are amazing and so I guess so far it is working.  I think they were all just born that way, and not amazing due to any of my parenting skills.  

Thanks again Andie.  I hope the rest of you will stop by my blog sometime.
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