Friday, October 14, 2011

Newspaper Bag Pumpkins

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It's fall! There's few things I love about the holidays more than decorating our front porch. Each year, I look for new and resourceful ways to decorate using things that we have. That's when the idea of these newspaper bag pumpkins popped into my head.

We get newspapers 3 days a week and then a free mid-week one, so we have plenty of these orange newspaper bags floating around. Aside from them, we only needed a permanent marker and some rocks from our landscaping.

When life gives you bags, make some pumpkins, right?

I drew some faces on them, then handed Bear the permanent marker. If you have older children, they can decorate the bags themselves.

He made a few lines, but was more interested in what happened when he stopped leaning down on the bag... The bag went blowing away in the yard.  He ran and got it. Came back. Let it go again. Came back again. He did this probably 10 times. 



((Why did I share this part?  I think it's neat when I can expand on daily life happenings that he is interested in.  And what a great way to talk about cause and effect.  It came in the middle of our project, but I wanted to let him go ahead and explore his new finding of how the wind blows. ))

After he grew tired of running back and forth, we were ready for the next step... rocks. We gathered several rocks from our outdoor landscaping and placed them in the bags.

We added just enough to keep them from blowing away in the Midwest wind. Then we added leaves from the lawn to fill them up all the way.  After they were twisty-tied shut, we put them on the porch.
This was one of my more fulfilling projects as of late just because we were able to reuse an item that would have otherwise been thrown away.

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