Saturday, October 1, 2011

pipe cleaners and pony beads

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Pip had to made a DNA strand for her biology class.  after a quick bing search, we found the easiest way was with pipe cleaners and pony beads.  Bear watched patiently as she worked on her strand, knowing that if he used his manners, he would get to do beads with her when she was done.

i apologize for the cruddy pictures in the first part of this.  i don't usually do flash photography.  i tend to stick to natural light.  but at 730 at night, whaddaya gonna do? 

a few days later, Bear wanted to do them again... sure thing, little dude!

the bonus of all this? i got my first gift from Bear that was 100% made by him.

Bear had a lot of fun making this bracelet.  he wants to make more.  he has a "friend" named ellen (and a few others) that are on a bookmark and calendar we got from St. Jude Children's Hospital.  they aren't friends we know personally, but we talk about them like we know them when we get our mailings from St. Jude's.  i want my son to know that we aren't just mailing money to some place.  we're mailing it to help pay for the ellens, charlies, graces, and paytons that are fighting their diseases at St. Jude.  i want him to have a face in his mind about some of the children we are helping to make it more real to him...

we were thinking about making some more bracelets (at his leisure) to sell on etsy for $5 with free shipping and all of the proceeds going to St. Jude's.  we would provide the purchaser with documentation from St. Jude's that a donation was made in their name or anyone else's name that they wish it to go for.  what are your thoughts?

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