Wednesday, November 9, 2011

don't let the pigeon DIY shirt

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Bear loves any book by mo willems. between the knuffle bunny trilogy, the elephant and piggie books, and the don't let the pigeon... series, naming a favorite is a tough call.

one thing is constant though, if you look, every mo willems book has the pigeon somewhere in it.  sometimes it's in the illustrations, others the back of the get the idea.  all that being said, Bear wanted a piGEoN sHiRT

i like to make shirts for him because they aren't only inexpensive, but they are personalized.  i've made him a birthday shirt each year and a working man shirt (like the utility workers he loves so much!)  the pigeon shirt took about an hour (with breaks in between coats of paint).  i used tulip soft fabric paint and a paintbrush.  Bear was quite excited with the finished product.
what children's book characters do your kiddos love?
how do you bring them out of the books?
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