Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top Trumps: The United States Review

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I have been given an opportunity to review Top Trumps: The United States from Timberdoodle.  Since we are currently participating in a postcard exchange with other homeschoolers and preschools around the country, Bear, my 3 year old, has developed quite an interest in the United States. 

The point of the game is pretty easy!  It's quite similar to the War game many of us played when we was younger.  Each card has 5 statistics about the state: population, amount square miles, number of counties,  distance from D.C., admission to the union. 

The recommended age is 6+, but the rules are so easy that I can play a modified version with Bear (who's 3) or a full version game with my 15 year old Pip.

Here's how you play:
Choose your card's best attribute/statistic
Compare that values with other player
Player with the highest value wins the round
            and starts the next one
The first person with all the cards, WINS!

The modified version that I played with my son (see image above) was just comparing the first number, which is the population in millions. All these numbers are 1-2 digits. Not only did we have fun looking at what state each other had, it gave him some practice in early math skills. He would identify each number. I helped with some of the bigger ones (19, 38). Then I asked him, "What number is bigger 4 or 1?" He could then compare fingers and see which was bigger, which decided who won the round. 

What's great about the Top Trump cards is that they also include facts about the particular state and beautiful photographs.  There are also illustrations of the state flag, bird, flower, and map to indicate location. 

I like the ability of the cards to serve a dual purpose.  Bear likes to sit and go through them and just look at the pictures.  Sitting with him, I can tell him the name of the state and what the picture is of.  There are a few states that he already knows based on the pictures on the card. 

There are so many opportunities that the Top Trumps: The United States cards have to offer in the educational exploration of the United States.  I'm excited to see just where they take us!

Stop by the Timberdoodle website to find more fun learning games for preschoolers to teens!  You can also check them out on Facebook. There's also the DoodleBlog that offers great resources for parents, educators, or parent-educators.

I received this product free from Timberdoodle. I was not compensated in any other way for this review.
All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
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