Monday, November 7, 2011

in {her} shoes...melanie

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it's monday! time for another in {her} shoes guest post. today's awesome momma blogger is melanie from Sew Rugged at Bear Rabbit Bear.  she's just done a big makeover of her blog!!  definitely worth checking out! she has something for everyone!

Hi, I'm Melanie from Sew Rugged at bear rabbit bear.  An extraordinary "Thank You" to Andie for allowing me to guest post today. I'm fairly new to blogging, so if you've never had a chance to visit my blog, I hope that you will stop by. I dabble in a little of any anything and everything, but my projects tend to focus on the things that are current in my life. I'm currently a working mom trying to balance a house, toddler, husband, ministry, and business, so right now I tend to write about anything cool for my daughter or anything that will make this crazy, blessed life a tad less hectic. I love inspiration from my followers and other bloggers, which is why I host a blog link party on Thursdays and feature projects from others (that I've successfully tackled!!) on Mondays. I love saving money, so my favorite crafts are things that I can repurpose or crafts that use up items I already have in my home. So I hope you'll pop in soon- I'd love to see you over at bear rabbit bear!

I am a fan of Andie's "in {her} shoes" segment, so when she contacted me with the possibility of writing a guest post for her, I immediately said "yes". I love to write, which is one of the reasons I began blogging, but this type of segment allows for a change from my normal home and DIY posts.

I'm a several kind of shoes sort of Mom. But aren't we all? We're "mom"  to our kids, "honey" to the hubbys, "daughter" to our moms, "and ma'am" at our jobs. So, of course, we don't wear the same shoes to fill each person that we are. I think the most challenging part of being a Mom, for me at least, is flipping the switch between the roles. My family stays so busy, and I often feel that I do not allot enough time to each of the shoes that I need to fill, but especially those of being a Mom. This, as we all know, seems to lead to nothing but stress and guilt. I've found the best way to cope with this is taking each day individually and appreciate it for what it is. Seems cliche and simple, but sometimes simple is the only way to go.

On the flip side, the most rewarding part of being a Mom is watching my daughter turn into a little person right before my eyes. My husband is a youth minister, and in our work with children and teens, I've found that many parents forget that they are actually molding and shaping another human being with everything that they do. This doesn't mean that as parents we can't make mistakes, but it does mean that, regardless of the age of our children, they are watching us every step of the way. For Natalee's toddler age, this means she is a Big Time Copy Cat! I love every minute of it, though- right down to the stealing of the jewelry and running off with my hairbrush. :)

In my opinion, the most important values that parents can instill in their children are a deep spiritual relationship with God, a sense of responsibility and work, and the confidence to be who they are. The ironic part is that we as parents cannot teach that which we do not know....makes ya' think, huh- I know it definitely does me. Being a mom makes me want to better myself every day.

My daughter's vocabulary is truly blossoming, and she has given me some awesome compliments here lately. A few of the words she has used to describe me?? "Funny, happy, and pretty hair" :) Hey, I'll take that from a two year old. Especially one as funny, happy, and pretty as mine. :)
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