Tuesday, November 8, 2011

latest addition to my etsy shop

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a quick hello to everyone!!  just wanted to share that my etsy shop fiNaLLy has a name.  i've been trying for weeks to think of something better than andiejaye.  so stinky though... all the ideas i came up with were surprising quite similar to other shops or blogs.  i guess great minds think alike, huh?  so i followed etsy's seller's handbook.  they suggest keeping your "brand" consistent no matter where you go.  so my shop's name has changed from andiejaye to CrayonFreckles

here's the latest addition to the CrayonFreckles shop also!
an accompanying piece to this one is in the works!!

more new pieces to come in the next few weeks before the holidays!  and if you mention that you came from my blog, i'll give you 10% oFF AND frEE sHiPPinG!

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