Friday, November 18, 2011

patterns with shapes and colors

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a while back, i got these fOAm sHapES for $1 a bag at the target dollar spot. 
((i got 4 bags))

foam shape color patterns
i finally got enough time to sit down and make pattern cards to go with them.  it was a little bit of work tracing, coloring, laminating, and cutting... but Bear loved them so much!  he went right to work, without any instruction. 

see how my little Type A lined all the cards up?
i made some of the cards with an empty space on them so that he could complete the pattern.  it's a good thing, because the others didn't challenge him too much.  i think that sometime soon i'll make some more cards out of poster board.  this way they'll be longer and can contain 3-4 shapes/colors on them.

he spent about 30 minutes on this activity.  the other thing that i found interesting was that he was able to self-correct himself when he put a shape in the wrong spot.  lastly, i love the fact that he was learning early math skills

what are some of your favorite math games and activities?
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