Thursday, November 3, 2011

teaching life skills: wiping the table

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i don't know why i chose to capture this
other than the fact that he's so cute.
i took this during one of our mornings...
                   the warm light streaming in our backdoor
                   his over-sized sleep shirt
                   the messy nest at the back of his head
the table sits in our preschool area
where we do art, activities, eat snacks
it's not uncommon for it to be covered in
                               glue, goldfish crumbs, or marker smears
no telling what was spotted on it,
but Bear had taken it upon himself
                            to wipe down the table.

is it always perfect?
do i expect it to be? 
what matters most is that 
he is trying to help

this little stillshot shows
that he is learning life skills that everyone should know
              accountability for our messy actions
              respect for our things
              appreciation for the cleaning he sees me do
              independence and pride at doing it on his own

what are your ideas on how these traits
can be reaffirmed with children?
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