Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas dominoes matching printable

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Bear and i had fun this morning playing a snowflake domino matching game that we got in our last issue of Highlights High Five.  so we decided to make up our own Christmas domino/matching game.  all you have to do is sAVe the image to your computer and pRiNT it!  then cUT them out, making sure there are 2 sQuaREs per piece (you'll notice that one of the rows has to be cut horizontally in order for them to be even pieces.)

the rules of the game are simple:
1.  hand out 5 pieces to each player
2.  place one domino in the center as a starter piece
3.  take turns placing the dominoes up end-to-end on your playing surface
4.  pieces can be matched up horizontally or vertically
5.  keep going until all the pieces are used up

enjoy and have fun!!  more printables to come soon!

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