Friday, December 16, 2011

DIY felt parking lot playmat

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this year, i'm focusing more on handmade Christmas gifts.  this wasn't a Christmas gift, but it's an idea for those of you with kiddos that love to play with cars.

Bear was playing cars and lining them up on our dinner table.  i asked him if he wanted me to make him a parking lot.  of course he said yes, so we picked up the materials the next day.

i used two stiff pieces of felt so that it wouldn't bend as easily.  i fabric-glued three felt strips on the back to create the spine so it can fold in half.  the most time consuming part was painting the lines on it.  they aren't perfect.  i had to do this quickly because he wanted to play with it later that night.  he was ecstatic with it, so that's all that matters, right?

i'd love it if you left a link for any homemade gifts you've made so i can check them out!

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