Thursday, December 29, 2011

homemade postcards

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right now Bear and i are participating in the postcard exchange hosted by Deborah over at Teach Preschool.  it has been sooo much fun!  

this is such a higHLigHT in Bear's day.  every time we check the mail, he wants to know if there is a postcard for him in it.  so i sent out emails to some of my friends on facebook who live out of state/country to see if they'd send us a postcard too!  the response oVeRWheLmED me!  what amazing people i'm blessed to know.

we have U.S. and world map posters on the wall in his room where we keep track of where we've received postcards from. we mark locations from the postcard exchange with sTaRS.  then we used hEaRTs for the people that i'm friends with. 

as far as the postcards we send out, we bought quite a few at our zoo to send.  since it's been colder, we haven't gone.  so i got resourceful and we made our own postcards out of manila folders.  i cut them down to standard postcard size and drew the separation line on the back.  we got out the stamps and markers and Bear decorated them.

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