Thursday, December 1, 2011

painting with kitchen utensils

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as you might have been able to tell by yesterday's key painting activity, we are currently working on the letter Kk.  it seems like Bear responds better to activities where everyday items are used in unconventional ways (as many children do). so we went with an "old school" activity ((i.e. from my early 20s)).

i got all the paint supplies (minus brushes) out and put them on his table.  then i grabbed a bunch of kiTCheN uTEnsiLS and sat them on our paint tray.  his eyes started sparkling with that "what am i going to create?" glow. 

and then he went to town:

painting with pot lids

painting with cupcake liners
painting with silverware

Painting with a whisk

and the cool thing? everything got washed off in the dishwasher, which meant less clean-up for me! yay!
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