Friday, December 30, 2011

winter sensory bin

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it's almost january, so that means we need a new winter sensory bin!  i used several items from the dollar store and hobby lobby (clearance items).  here's what it looks like:

the winter sensory bin is made up of:

blue rice (from our creation story sensory bin)
white/blue/purple pom poms
blue/white/purple pony beads
blue ribbon pieces
large blue sequins
iridescent asterisk sequins (they look like snowflakes)
iridescent star sequins (also left over from the creation sensory bin)
winter erasers
jingle bells
blue plastic table gems (used for table decoration)

Bear drove his dumptrucks and cars through the "sNOw"he even busted out some of our little gardening shovels and dug in the snow. 

and that's about it :)

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