Wednesday, January 11, 2012

when chocolate playdough becomes mud

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i saw a great idea for hot chocolate playdough on Teach Preschool and used the same chocolate playdough recipe from The Nurture Store.  i've always wanted to make our own playdough, so i thought we'd give it a shot. 

Bear loves to cook and mix, so i measured most of the ingredients out and let him do his "kiTcHEn mAGiC" as he calls it. 

it was a fairly easy process.  i will say though, that the cooking part is not for the weak stomached.  ((totally not trying to be gross or offensive, but when it cooks and begins to thicken up, it slightly resembles throw-up.))  i'm sure that it wouldn't have been so bad had we made another color :)

after it had thickened up to this consistency i put it on a cutting board so that it could cool. 
chocolate playdough
i offered some coffee cups and marshmallows, but Bear wasn't interested. instead, he ran to get his tRUcKs.  then he played with the "muD" we made.  which was a nice tie-in since we are learning about the letter Mm. i love how his little imagination works.  the trucks loaded and dumped the mud.  

it was definitely a fun activity!  we'll be making more in february! yay!

have you ever tried making your own playdough?

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