Tuesday, January 3, 2012

happy birthday to cf!!!

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i can't believe that i've been blogging for one year now.  crayon freckles has definitely grown and expanded into so much more than i had hoped for
thanks to all of you! 

i'm sorry i don't have any giveaways or big events planned for today.    regular readers will know that i usually post on the activities that my 3 year old, Bear, and i do.  but i thought that i'd take a few moments and share with you some more about me and my blog.

why i started blogging
i started blogging at the beginning of the year for a few reasons.  part of it was as an extension of a 365 photo project i was doing.  that's how i met Tiffany from My Three Ring Circus and fell in love with her blog.  seeing how she reached people and shared parts of herself was truly inspiring.  i also wanted to document my days at home with my little Bear,

my first post
my first post, where light meets dark, was a piece of prose inspired by my pastor and a picture from my 365 project.  it was my way of putting out there what i wanted to do that year. 

my first feature
my first feature at another blog was of bear's big boy transportation room.  though i'm sad that i can't remember what site it was

my favorite post about me
back in july, i posted about a letter to the editors at parent's magazine that was published.  it was a very scary post for me to write, but educating others on bipolar disorder is something that i'm passionate about.  i wrote the post knowing that i might put some people off from my blog.  bringing it back up again, i'm aware of that risk again.  but this is me...

the post i learned the most from
my son, like many children, is wise beyond his years...  during our conversation of the death of our favorite pet butterfly, i realized more about my views on life and the aftermath.  what an amazing teacher he is.  if you read only one of these posts, read this one... the flutter of wings


first year highlights
january 3 = crayonfreckles is born
january 29 = 1st not so original children's activity posted
april 27 = 1st "does my blog stink?" crisis
may 7 = my 1st award
may 30 = my 1st tip-toe thru tuesday link party
july 11 = the 1st in {her} shoes post by kerry
july 27 = reached 100 followers and held 1st giveaway
august 3 = my 1st guest post
november 15 = 1st sponsored review for Timberdoodle
december = reached 200+ followers

i wish i had more for today... that i could thank everyone of you for stopping by and looking at my posts personally.  i'm a little blog, but i've got a lot of heart wrapped up in it.  by sharing these child-centered ideas in my posts, i feel like part of God's purpose for me is being fulfilled.  thank you for sharing in that

here's to another year!
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