Friday, January 20, 2012

if you give a moose a muffin

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since we're on the Letter Mm, i used on of our favorite books to do some activities.  i'm going to condense all of the If You Give a Moose a Muffin activities into one post, so it's a little long.  we had 2 project fails, so reader beware :)

the first activity was Bear-requested.  he wanted to make a mOOsE.  so i cut out a head, ears, and nose hole shapes out of paper.  then i traced his hands on cream paper for the antlers.  he decided not to use a glue stick.  he wanted to use some of our homemade colored glue.  see how his moose turned out in the next picture.

next came the If You Give a Moose a Muffin math activity.  ahead of time, i used a marker to write the nuMBeRS 1-10 on the bottom of muffin liners.  i let Bear put the liners into the muffin pans.  he put them in random spots, which was a good thing.  with them not being in numerical order, it helped him to practice identifying the numbers.  then we used Graham Crackers so Bear could give his moose some muffins.

then Bear counted out the appropriate number of "muFFiNS" into each cup to practice one-to-one correspondence. he needed help on some of the bigger numbers, but with a little guidance he got back on track. 

then, in the spirit of the moose's activities in the book, we made soCK puPPeTs.

our last activity was also a major project fail.  i thought that it'd be a fun idea to make some homemade blackberry jam for Bear's dad to put on his english muffins.  i even found a super easy recipe online that didn't require pectin. 

mashing the berries and mixing the ingredients up was fun.  about halfway through the cooking time, it smelled like it was burning.  after it was supposed to be done, i poured it into a corningware dish so it could cool.  a few minutes later, i went to get a small taste and  realized something was wRoNG.  it had cooled and turned roCK soLiD.  i just threw the whole dish away... there was no way i would've been able to get it out.

you win some, you lose some...right?  i think it's good for him to have experiences where things don't come out as expected every now and then.  ((it helps him learn to deal with disappointment)).  
the counting activity was the one Bear seemed to like the most.
we moose-t do it again!

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