Monday, January 23, 2012

in {her} shoes...maggy

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Maggy from Red Ted Art is another amazing woman i've met through the blogosphere.  she offers a wide variety of resoureces on her blog; from printables to recipes and projects to ebooks!  pop over there for a little inspiration today!

Hello, my name is Maggy and I blog over at Red Ted Art. I regularly get crafty with my children in my weekly kids crafts and also like to make things “for myself” in my weekly tutorials. What kind of mum am I? A very busy one for sure. I decided to “stay at home”, to spend time with my children. In order to keep my mind active I started blogging and rediscovered a life long passion of mine – crafting. It is now more than just a hobby and I hope one day to make a proper living from it.What is the most challenging part of being the type of mom you are?
I am always "very busy", doing lots of different things - this includes running around seeing friends with the children, as well as making and doing things at home. So I guess the main challenge for me and my children is to find some "down time". I think it is very important that children "experience boredom" and learn to play of their own accord. They shouldn't constantly be entertained and stimulated. So each week I try and keep at least an afternoon or two free of any activity for them. Similarly, I need to time for me to wind down and do nothing. I regret that I often forget my friend's birthdays. I used to be SO good at remembering them. These days my heads is just too full of stuff!

The other is the classic “work life” balance and not letting myself get too carried away by my blogging activities – remembering that I am here first for the kids... and then to blog!

What is the most rewarding?
Spending time with my children. Seeing them grow up and knowing what things they really like (e.g. getting their Christmas presents 100% right). Having fun together and I do love a cuddle on the sofa with them. The holidays are best as there is no rush to get anywhere and we just get to hang out on our PJs and take it easy!

In your opinion, what’s the most important value(s) parents can instill in their children?
Being thoughtful and caring for others. I do hope that they grow up to be compassionate people and that they may take an interest in doing charity work and helping others.

Followed by trying to do your best and working hard (I am not too keen on laziness!).

If your children could describe you in 3 words, which ones would they pick?
They would probably say strict. I would hope they would say loving and also fun. I just asked my almost 4 year old and he said "You are pretty, you are lovely and very very special". Aaah. I hasten to add, that we often talk at night and I tell him, that "You are handsome, you are thoughtful and very very special" - so I guess that that has been prompted a little! Still made me smile though!

As to my shoes: you will see that they are rather sensible and practical. Easy to slip in and out of (especially when you are helping others put their shoes on all day), flat (for walking everywhere in a hurry) and black (goes with everything).
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