Thursday, January 19, 2012

microwave science experiments

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not too long ago, while at a linky party, i saw a link that was titled
"put a marshmallow in the microwave"
((so sorry i'm not sure what blog it was... i didn't read the post))

so i thought...hey, why not?
i'm not sure what i thought was going to happen,
but both Bear and i were extremely disappointed with the results.
all that happened was the marshmallows puffed up, then burnt.

pRojeCT fAiL.
the only consolation was that we paired the burnt marshmallows with chocolate animal crackers to get a s'more like snack :)

after this failed experience, i was bound and determined to do something cool.  so i did a bing search for microwave science experiments

and i found the awesomest experiment ever!  though i had to admit that i was a bit scared at first.  all that said was to put a bar of soap in the microwave and watch what happens.  i had no idea if it was going to explode or melt all over the place or what. 
i found myself wondering
would i have a microwave after this?

after contemplating on how i would explain soap all over the inside of the microwave to my husband, i broke off a small piece for us to try first. i let Bear handle putting it all in the microwave.  he even set the timer for 1 minute.  ((it's good practice identifying the numbers 1 and 0))

the results were so neat to watch!  the soap did this LaVa-LiKE pouring out.  it was quite similar to what those black tabs you buy on the fourth of july do. here's what they looked like:

i think that the texture was the coolest part.  it was a bit RuBBeRY, but cRumBLeD when we squeezed it between our fingers.  the only drawback was that the only bar soap i had was jergens.  so our kitchen and microwave smelled pretty strong when we were done.  but i left the microwave door open and the smell was gone by dinnertime. 

Bear and i did two pieces. then another when Pip got home. then another when Gramma came over the next day.  and we'll do it again in a few weeks, i'm sure.  next time i will definitely use an UNsceNteD sOAp, though.

so... are you going to try out this soap-er experiment?
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