Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Mitten: making felt mittens

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we're currently doing the letter Mm and we're doing winter activities... so it only makes sense that we read one of my favorite stories ever!

Jan Brett's The Mitten

i thought it'd be fun to mAKe ouR oWN miTTeNS.  sure, we have lots of sets floating around the house... but i'd never made them before.  i figured if i was excited about it, Bear would be too!

i used some old felt that i had lying around and traced a mitten shape around Bear's hand on it using a pen.  i went about 1"-1.5" bigger than his actual hand to allow for the glue and stretching spaces. 

once i got them cut out, i offered up several things for him to decorate them with:
bingo markers
pom pom balls
glitter paint

he opted to just use the bingo markers...
((by the way, i got several different colors $1/piece at Dollar Tree
if you have one in your area, it's a great source for craft supplies))

do you see his little Barbie helper?? ((more on boys and Barbies later))

i used a thin line of glue around the outside of the mitten to seal them.

after they dried, Bear wore them around the house for quite a while!  he thinks that they're the greatest thing to wear while he plays with his winter sensory bin

so... are you smitten with The Mitten
what are your other favorite winter books?
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