Friday, January 27, 2012

our play room...before and in-between

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not too long after i started blogging and started seeing all of these aMaZiNG pictures of pLayRooMS, i wanted one for our house.  we have an average sized split-entry home with  3 bdrms and a bonus room/den for my hubs.  up until recently, our family room had a pull-out couch in it that had only been used about 10 times.  the room itself was rarely ever used.  so it was just wasted space.  enter Craigslist.  we listed the couch and were able to sell it in a couple of weeks. i threw dumped placed everything that was going to go in the room in piles.  it looked like this:

not much room for Bear to play, right? 

after a bit of work, it now looks like this:

absolutely nOT what i'm envisioning in my head... but it'll have to wait until spring when i can open the windows and PaiNT :)

What does your ideal playroom look like?
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