Friday, January 27, 2012

our play room...before and in-between

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not too long after i started blogging and started seeing all of these aMaZiNG pictures of pLayRooMS, i wanted one for our house.  we have an average sized split-entry home with  3 bdrms and a bonus room/den for my hubs.  up until recently, our family room had a pull-out couch in it that had only been used about 10 times.  the room itself was rarely ever used.  so it was just wasted space.  enter Craigslist.  we listed the couch and were able to sell it in a couple of weeks. i threw dumped placed everything that was going to go in the room in piles.  it looked like this:

not much room for Bear to play, right? 

after a bit of work, it now looks like this:

absolutely nOT what i'm envisioning in my head... but it'll have to wait until spring when i can open the windows and PaiNT :)

What does your ideal playroom look like?
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Cerys @ Rainy Day Mum said...

WOW that is lovely - it may not be what you are invisaging but I would love to play in there and I'm not a child. We have no dedicated space but I'm planning in my head at the moment our play spaces around the house to get organised over the spring and our outdoor play spaces as well.

Anonymous said...

I think your temporary space looks great! I have a similar situation going on here. I just moved the daycare play area from our rec. room (my own boys are too old for it to be a toyroom anymore) to our spare basement bedroom. I'm not obsessing about how to transform it into a fabulous playroom. I'm dying to paint it and dec. the walls, but like you, I'm thinking that might have to wait until spring. In the meantime, I'm having so much fun with all of the ideas and plans I have bouncing around in my head.
What colour are you going to paint yours, do you know?

Gina said...

I think this looks great! I can only imagine all the work you did getting it to this point. Toys seems to reproduce over time, don't they? Even though it's not what you envisioned (that happens to me all the time), it still is neat & organzied and I'm sure your son loves it.

Christy said...

What a great room! I love the built in wall shelves. I've been wanting some of those! We don't have a play room. But I LOVE looking at them! lol

Aleacia said...

Wow! Good work, it looks great!

De tout et de rien said...

Wow! You did a amazing job organizing everything. It is no neat, organized and inviting!

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