Saturday, January 21, 2012

you know you spend a lot of time around children when....

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the idea for this post popped into my head the other day when i used a random rhyming phrase.  [i can't remember what it was for the life of me].  why did it make me giggle?  only because the words rhymed and it sounded silly.  that's how i know i spend alot of time around kiddos.

i wanted to get some other people's responses to this, so i asked some of my friends in the Kid's Blog Network.  here are their answers!

you know you spend alot time around children when... think that play-doh, shaving cream, and tempera paint smell better than any scented lotion, body spray, or perfume on the market.
me, andie arrive at playgroup and are told that you have "A star attached to you back", "Rice cake on your jeans" and "Something of unknown origin in your hair"
Cerys @ Rainy Day Mum

‎... you're okay talking about poop on a daily basis. go to pay for groceries and find Lego in your purse. reach in your coat pocket while at work and find a diaper or even worse, a pair of little kid's underwear. (Both of which happened during my working years when my two were in daycare!)

...going out for the day involves checking the backpack has enough diapers, wipies, snacks, toys, juice boxes, the favourite plush, spare socks, pants, shirt, book, a coat, the pet rock collection, some pieces of paper, a pen, a pencil, some plastic scissors, the favourite DVD (no DVD player in the car), some pretend kitchen utensils, a flashlight, a pillow, a rocking chair and something else...oh yeah, the child!

...your fingers and fingernails are constantly stained

...when your walk-in pantry is 2 third full of art supplies, toys and books :)
Caroline @ De Tout Et De Rien

...when you tell other adults you have to go potty.

...when you have holes in the knees of most of your pants from crawling around and playing on the floor all day.
Rebekah @ The Golden Gleam'd rather save your cash for a college fund or Batman Imaginext Lair rather than that Cole Haan purse you used to covet.

...the inside of your car is never ever clean any more...
Deborah @ Teach Preschool

...when you are reading an interesting article from the paper to your husband and he lovingly asks you to use your real voice and not your "Once Upon a Time" voice. :) get giddy when you get to go grocery shopping by yourself, but then you spend the whole time having mini-panics and having to remind yourself that, no, you didn't lose someone, they are simply home with daddy...
Alissa @ Creative with Kids

...your heart beats louder of joy of playing with lego or something you have bever experienced before when you were a kid...and when you get hugged by two or more little arms, those precious moments.
Angelique @

...automatically put everything dangerous on top of the fridge or a bookcase that is tall.
Deirdre @ JDaniel4s Mom

and now it's your turn to finish the sentence. 
you know you spend a lot of time with children when...

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