Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Make It Your Own...in honor of Susan Nieber

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The blogging world lost an amazing woman today.  Susan Nieber from Toddler Planet passed away today after a 5 year battle with Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  Susan gracefully documented her journey online and inspired thousands of women with her words of strength.  Through her, Team WhyMommy was founded to create support for Susan and to empower women across the globe to learn more about IBC and be advocates for their own health. 

For more information on Inflammatory Breast Cancer, read Susan's full post here or go to the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Organization.

In Susan's last post, she captured a conversation with her husband, Curt.  Here's an excerpt:

Curt: No matter what, you deserve to feel better right now, and you deserve a chance to enjoy family and friends, and if that means we use hospice, or go to the moon, or paint you green, then we will do those things. I have dibs on the paintbrush.

Susan: Green’s really not my color.

Curt: I have not yet encountered a color you could not make yours. Purple?

Susan: Purple.

This exchange made me think.  Despite the war she was waging, Susan did not allow it to control her life.  She faced the enemy head-on and did not let it defeat her.  And what an excellent thought to leave us all with...
  Let us not let any obstacles stop us from
making our life our own.

If you would like to help honor Susan's memory, feel free to post this button on your blog using the code above. (button will show in standard 150x150 size) 

Donations can be made to the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation

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