Saturday, February 4, 2012

how to get rid of a gingerbread house

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so this may seem LaTE, but our family never does anything on time.  we didn't even get our gingerbread houses made until january 11th.  after they had sat on the counter for a few weeks, i realized that we needed to dispose of them.  Bear was quite proud of his creation (as were Pip and the Sergeant) so I felt bad just tossing them in the garbage bin. 

so i thought i'd give my little construction worker some buidings to demo.

notice the safety glasses he's wearing?
they're real and from his construction worker dress-up stuff.
as soon as he found out what we were doing,
he ran and go them.

i actually think that we're going to make some gingerbread buidings again just so he can knock them all down!  he had sooo much fun!
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