Thursday, February 2, 2012

letter sounds scavenger hunt

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i picked these aLpHaBEt fLaSH caRDs up at dollar tree because i knew they'd be perfect for something.  that was last's what i finally did with them.

i cut them in half to make letter/object sets.  this way Bear could play a matching game to identify the first letter sound each item's name makes and match it with the appropriate letter. 
beginning letter identification
i divided them into four groups (like the abc song does).  i gave Bear the a-b-c-d-e-f-g set first.  i set out the letters and handed him the half of the card that had the objects on them for him to match up. 


activities like this help develop phonological awareness
that's the understanding that every letter has a sound
and being able to identify those sounds in words
it's a key reading skill

Bear had fun with that little activity, so we went on a letter scavenger hunt similar to the one in our color hunt post.  i placed the alphabet cards on our long bench and then we looked around the house to find small items that started with each letter. 

alphabet letter scavenger hunt
here are some other ideas to help your child practice/learn letter sound identification
  • talk about what you see: point out letters on building signs, trucks, and/or store items
  • use rhyme: don't skip those rhyming books because they drive you bonkers [i'm so guilty of this].  your kiddo can learn from them....and all their bouncy-wouncy boogey-woogey rhymes.
  • use alliteration: put strings of words together that all start with the same letter.  this is fun to do in the supermarket for two reasons.  1) there is a variety of items to inspire you ~AND~ 2) it's fun to see the looks you get from other shoppers when you dance around while chanting... "i'm putting the pretty peaches in the crazy, cruisin' cart."  ((just make sure your kiddo is with you when you do this))
i'll a-b-C ya later!

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Unknown said...

I'm so impressed (and yes, a little jealous) that he's able to do that!!! We're not there yet but this sure looks like fun! :)

Unknown said...

Great, fun learning activity!! I am impressed an item could be found for each letter.

PlayDrMom said...

How fun! I love the use of the flash cards! My kids will love this activity!

Unknown said...

Very cute! pinned :-)

Brittney said...

How fun!! We just recently did a vowel scavenger hunt to review vowel sounds. I read a lot of Mother Goose...nursery rhymes are shorter than those rhyming books, and my kids actually enjoy some of the lesser-known ones too.

Tenneil said...

This teacher loves it!! Have those cards and a preschooler...hmmm...guess I know what we will do this weekend :)

Unknown said...

Love this idea! Pinning it to do with my toddler.Thank you so much!!
Kristen @ Titus 2 Work in Progress

Unknown said...

Great idea! We play scavenger hunts all the time. I'll be using this one next time.

Learn with Play at Home said...

I'll A-B-C ya later, hahahahaha, you crack me up. Love the pics for this activity. No wonder it's so popular x

Unknown said...

I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old and this would be a great activity for them. Thank you

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