Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Press Here book activities

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At the library the other day, Bear and I stumbled upon the book Press Here by Herve Tullet.  it looked familiar and intriguing so we checked it out.  It's already become one of our favorite books! since Bear was so into it, we decided to do some Press Here activities!

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Press Here is a fun book that encourages interaction of the reader to push the dots or turn the book different ways, which results in the dots moving.  Bear got the help of a little Lego man when we read the book (for about the 5th time in 2 days!)

I pulled out some of our craft pom-poms in red, yellow, and blue (just like the book) to practice patterns for math.  After I created the patterns, Bear's task was to repeat the patterns.  I also started basic patterns like red blue red blue and then had him complete the pattern.

Then we sorted by colors.

For art, I provided materials for Bear to make a Press Here suncatcher using the main colors of the books.  I had hoped that the outcome would look similar to one of the pictures in the book where the primary color dots overlap to create secondary colors.  I didn't have clear contact paper, so I gave him a laminating sleeve.  It held the tissue paper circles in place surprisingly well... due to static electricity, I'm guessing.
Laminating it worked quite well.  iId actually probably lean more towards this approach than the contact paper because of the clarity of the end result.  Do you see how the colors blended?

As we were reading the book for the first time, I realized where I had recognized the book from.  Awhile back I had read a Press Here book activity on Teach Preschool.  So I popped over there and got the inspiration for this last activity... book-making!  I prepared a blank book made out of 4 pieces of blank white paper folded in half and stapled together.  Then I set out the do-a-dots and bingo markers and let him create his book. 

After he was done, stamping, I let him dictate the captions on each page.  Most of the pages were along the same lines as the book "press the dots" etc.  except for the page shown above.  Bear got a bit distracted and told me to write "the tv is on.  the other one is on too.  where is the purple dot?'  I got quite a kick out of it.  And he loves being read it! 

Now run to your library or bookstore and buy this book, because it is that. good.

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