Friday, February 17, 2012

Rainbow Fish book activities

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you might remember that right now, we are exploring colors.  so it's only natural that we would read a favorite book, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.  i love this book because it teaches friendship, kindness, and sharing with others.

i just went through a bunch of old data cds and combined several onto one disc.  after i did that i saved them in the craft cabinet for another time.  well, that time has come!  we used them to make CD Rainbow Fish!

first we painted them.
after the paint dried, we went to glue the fins on and the paint started to crumble off.  so i used a clear self-laminate sheet to cover Bear's fish. 
rainbow fish cd

i didn't have enough self-laminate, so i used frosted contact paper on mine.  ((i actually think that i like it better because it gives a scaley look))

the final CD Rainbow Fish products

the other thing that we did was a Rainbow Fish math activity.  we used round iridescent sequins, a Chutes and Ladders spinner, and the foam fish that we made for our creation story display

here's how it worked: we took turns getting a number with the spinner.  i had Bear practice identifying numbers by telling me what number the arrow landed on.  then that number of sequins was put on the fish to practice one-to-one correspondence
as you can tell, Bear had fun and we played a long game!
for the record, the pacifier in the picture isn't actually Bear's. 
he's never used a pacifier. 
it belongs to the baby giraffe it's attached to :)

rainbow fish math activity

do you love The Rainbow Fish book as much as we do?
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