Thursday, February 23, 2012

rainbow size sorting and art

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as you might remember from our rainbow homemade crayon post, right now Bear and i are covering colors and rainbows as part of a Noah's Ark unit.  the other day, we did a rainbow size sorting math activity that turned into an art project.

to prepare, i cut out circles for each color of the rainbow (minus indigo) in staggered sizes, yellow being the smallest and purple being the biggest.  i put them in a pile and asked Bear if he could put them in order from biGGeST to sMaLLesT

after he was done sorting them...he wanted to do it about 10 times.... i gave him the materials to create a rainbow out of the circles.  i haD pLaNNeD for him to put them in color order again with the biggest on top, smallest on the bottom and then cut the whole piece in half to create 2 rainbows.

Bear hAd aNoTHeR iDea.  he wanted to split the circles first, then assemble them.  so, i took the backseat and watched him finish how he wanted to.

you can see an almost finished product here..

h a v   a   c o l o r f u  d a y  !
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