Saturday, February 25, 2012

sleep problems

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forgive me, all you lovelies...

i'm taking the weekend off because i can't focus.  pardon my pity party, but here's why... 

bear is having some major sleep issues...
he has always been a difficult sleeper, but never like this.

it takes sooo long to get him to go to sleep. 
it's rarely without tears (his and mine)... 
and then a few hours later, he wakes up screaming.
he's upset about odd things, like his blanket or his pillow.
it can take up to an hour to get him back to sleep.
i'm tired.  so tired.

i don't know what to do. 
i don't know how to fix this problem.
i don't know what i've done wrong.
i feel helpless.
i feel frustrated.
i feel like a bad parent.

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