Sunday, March 25, 2012

the 5 senses: hearing

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today is the continuation of the 5 senses series. in case you missed it, check our inspiration, The Black Book of Colors here. the 5 senses activities we've done can be found here:

now for the sense of hearing activities.

this unit on the 5 senses is winding down quicker than i had planned.  Bear just isn't much interested in preschool this week... the beautiful weather is calling us outside! 

i had a list of activities i had wanted to do, but like yesterday's post, he wasn't too interested.   **drat that sunshine** 

some of the ideas were:
take a listening walk to see what sounds in our neighborhood we heard
talking through a safety cone (it acts like a megaphone)

we did make some music. 
i made a recording of us playing using the audacity program, but i can't seem to figure out how to get the lame program (actually what it's called) to work to transfer it to mp3. 

speaking of lame, i feel like it right now...
yesterday's and today's activities were
rejected by Bear, not because they were bad,
but just because he has different interests now
then he did when we started the unit.
but i'm still sharing my ideas with you,
even if i am not able to show you them in action.
partially because i don't want to leave you all hanging.

but mostly because i want to share why i think it's important to follow your child's interests.  it's okay to let them lead you, even if it isn't as
                                                                     a.  structured
                                                                                   b.  educational 
                                                                                   c.  what you originally had planned
                                                                                   d.  all of the above

but i digress...
so, with those circling the drain, i found something that interested Bear very much.  we've been talking about special needs and disabilities lately on and off lately. so i thought that i would see if he would be at all interested in talking about people who have hearing impairments.  we used baby sign with him and he still uses "please" when he gets very excited and "all done" if we're talking and he wants to use the table.  

thanks to the amazing Rachel who does Say It Two Ways: Signing Time on NickJr, he was onboard with exploring sign language... so we looked through his sign language book and did a few signs. 
i also showed him this picture of the ASL alphabet.  (it'd be great for a classroom) then i did them for him with my hands.  it was something new, so he wasn't willing to try it. 

and that's where we left off this week.  it provides a great segue into something that we'll be exploring here and there over the next few weeks. 

here are some links for great activities from some of my amazing fellow bloggers.  check them out for some more great sensory-related ideas.
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