Thursday, March 22, 2012

the 5 senses: sight

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right now, we are exploring the 5 senses through the book The Black Book of Colors.  our other 5 senses activities can be found here:
these are our sense of sight activities.

i gave Bear a permanent marker to circle eyes in a magazine.
{Strawberry Shortcake Ad}

for art, we made stamped eye pictures.  i got out our googly eyes, the mr. potato head glasses, a thread spool, and paint (blue, green, and brown).  we used the thread spool and glasses as stencils to paint with.  then we glued the googlies eyes down as well. 

something i learned during this project...
i need to be careful how i do projects with Bear...
perhaps even skipping doing them myself.
the bottom pic of the collage shows
mine on the left and Bear's on the right.
afterward, he made an off-the-cuff comment that his
wasn't as good
as mine.

this is the journal page... writing and eye pictures done by Bear.  the Gain detergent ad from yesterday was taped in.  on the left page is a list of items in the picture because Bear wanted to ad to be an I SPY page. 

we also made our own versions of I SPY that we call "look-sees".  i'll have them available in an ebook once we get more of them done! 

i'll see you tomorrow when we're discovering 
hands: the sense of touch
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