Friday, March 23, 2012

the 5 senses: touch

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today is the continuation of the 5 senses series.  in case you missed it, check our inspiration, The Black Book of Colors here.   the 5 senses activities we've done can be found here:

here are the sense of touch activities.

the first book that we read today was, I Will Be Especially Very Careful, a Charlie and Lola by Lauren Child.

after reading the book we went on another photo scavenger hunt to find things in our house that were fluffy and soft like Lotta's coat in the book. here's what bear found:

when we were done we made a touch window suncatcher.  before he started, i traced his hands on the contact paper with a permanent marker.  he even traced mine a few times.  then i gave him the sticky clear contact paper and soft fluffy white feathers. 
his sense of touch collage turned out like this:

we also read the awesome book by Robert Munsch Up, Up, Down. 

after reading about how Anna bandaged up her parents with 10 bandages, i offered Bear materials to make his own.  first i had him count 10 bandaids out of a pile.  then he stuck them down on a giant paper bandaid while counting them.  (also good small motor practice...those wrappers are tricky)

for Bear's journal, we talked about what hands can do.  he also pasted magazine cut-outs of hands.  then i provided different textured objects for him to make a sensory page out of.  i labeled them with the words he used to describe them.

see you tomorrow for the sense of taste!
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